The EIJC Research Programme

The research profile of the European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research (EIJC) focuses on quality journalism and on freedom of expression. Within these wide academic fields we have ongoing research projects in the following divisions: Investigative Journalism, Public Service Broadcasters, Journalistic Ethics, PR & Journalism, European Media Law, Foreign News and Foreign Correspondents, Media Change, Public Integrity.

On the one hand EIJC research is theory and empiricism based. On the other EIJC commits itself also to more practical assignments and services, where it uses and integrates empirical research results. Corporations with local, national and international academic partners and media belong to our self-concept.

Our research is based on ethics and transparency. We follow the “Declaration of Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice” adopted by the German Association for Media and Communication Studies (DGPuK) in Utrecht, 1999.

We understand a free flow of free information as an inherent part of democracy. Practical journalism as well as journalism and communication research play an invaluable part in the communication system of democratic society’s.

Dr. Lutz Mükke, Academic Director