Manuel Thomä: The Decay of the Audience. News Media Use between Newspaper and the Internet.

16. September 2014


E-paper, website, blog and of course newspapers – publishers nowadays provide journalistic information services through many channels. But how do readers and users keep themselves informed? Little is known about whether readers consider different topics relevant in the web than in the newspaper, or if an appealing online service can attract new readers and eventually introduce them to the newspaper.
Manuel Thomä describes how journalistic information services are used in print and online media. He shows the change of the news system between newspaper and the internet and its effects on the media reception of readers. Several approaches of communication and media research exploring these tendencies are presented. The empirical basis is a long-standing research project of the Institute of Practical Journalism and Communication Research. For an analysis of the specific use of individual channels 30 problem-centered interviews were conducted, 1,239 regular readers were interviewed by telephone and for the first time around 350 readers and users were repeatedly questioned through an online-panel study. The results show how frequently and why the readers surveyed access individual media services, how they evaluate them and why they renounce others.

The Content
The Daily Newspaper under Pressure – Readers in Transition  – Methodology  – Instruments  – Implementation – The Audience and its Media – Discussion – Recommendations for Media Practice

Target Group
– Lecturers and students of communication and media studies
– Journalists, editors


Manuel Thomä
Der Zerfall des Publikums.
Nachrichtennutzung zwischen Zeitung und Internet.
2013, XXVII, 275 S. 83 Abb.
EUR(D) 34,99 (eBook), EUR(D) 44,99 (Softcover)
ISBN 978-3-658-01190-1


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