Meeting Places: Investigative Muckrakers & Refugee Journalists

9. February 2015

How does Der Spiegel report about the war in Ukraine? Why was the in depth investigation about the “Treuhand” a big success – more than 20 years after the reunification of Germany? How does one research the “Secret War on Terror” of the United States? Who was behind the mega investigation “Offshore Leaks” and coordinated 80 journalists researching the tax evasion systems worldwide? – The Leipzig Netzwerk Recherche Meeting* invites regularly great investigative journalists and discusses amazing investigations. Interested? Please subscribe our e-mail list and get informed about the meetings:


Investigative reporters such as Christian Neef, Stefan Candea, Christian Fuchs and Dirk Laabs talked about their work at the Netzwerk-Recherche-Stammtisch in Leipzig.

During the big xenophobic demonstrations in Saxony at the end of 2014 EIJK staff decided to organize the “Meeting of International Journalists”. Journalists from all over the world are invited who have found refuge as refugees in Germany. The monthly meeting offers the opportunity to network, to integrate in a professional circle and to discuss perspectives. The meetings offer lectures and talks on journalistic work, ethics, media systems and media law. And the “Meeting of International Journalists” connects with German journalists. In general, the get-together will take place before the Leipzig Netzwerk Recherche Meeting, which we then visit together. On the first two meetings journalists from Lebanon, Syria, Cuba, Afghanistan and Germany took part. Please subscribe our e-mail list and get informed about the meetings:


* Netzwerk Recherche is the organization of German investigatiive journalists. It has around 500 members.

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