Michael Haller / Lutz Mükke (ed.): How the Media gained Freedom

10. December 2014

9783869620343Michael Haller and Lutz Mükke are the editors of the research volume „Change of East German Media since the decline of the GDR“.

It was not a leap into freedom: There were hints for the transition of state-led to state-free press well before the wall came down. Many East German journalists wanted free speech – and then had to learn the hard way how to combine freedom of press, audience preferences, and media economics.

Since 1993, media scholars of the Chair of Journalism at the University of Leipzig monitor whether and how the professional role of journalists has changed under the guiding principle of media freedom and market constraints, how a new type of conformism emerged and how the regional press monopoly generated publicistic mainstream. Yet, the authors also detected many attempts and approaches to a bluntly-open journalism.

Each of the 13 articles examines important issues of the journalistic professional role change: How did the new editors-in-chief from Western Germany act? What do those heads of departments think that occupied that position already in the GDR? How did East German Journalists cover the attraction of groups of the extreme right? How could the case Sebnitz happen? What explains the success of „Super-Illu“? And: What picture did the West German media draw of people living in East Germany?

This book provides scientifically validated answers to the question of attitudes, norms and rules that shape the public discourse of Eastern Germany.


Michael Haller / Lutz Mükke

Wie die Medien zur Freiheit kamen.
Zum Wandel der ostdeutschen Medienlandschaft seit dem Untergang der DDR.
Köln: Herbert von Halem Verlag (2010)

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