Panel Discussion „Correspondents in the Cold War“ − March 14th

9. February 2015

The world events and the big conflicts during the Cold War were often reported completely different by the correspondents from East and West. In the now united Germany, we have the privileged situation that we can talk with reporters and correspondents from both spheres about their work and experiences during the Cold War. Who were the reporters and correspondents and how were their everyday working conditions? Which taboos or reprisals did they have to face? And which roles played secret services in the war for the hearts and minds of the people?

These and other questions have been discussed at a panel discussion on March 14th by book author Lutz Mükke (EIJK), Dietmar Schumann (ZDF-reporter and former Moscow-correspondent for East German television) and the war reporter Christoph Maria Fröhder (ARD, among others). Moderation: Martin Hoffmann (ZDF/EIJC), attended by an audience of more the 60 people.

The occasion was the recently released book „Correspondents in the Cold War. Between Propaganda and Self-Assertion” by Lutz Mükke (Herbert von Halem Verlag, Köln, 2014). The event was part of the Leipzig book fair and its reading festival “Leipzig reads”, which are the yearly spring events of the book sector in Germany and beyond. Authors, readers and publishing companies meet. More than 2000 exhibitors from all around the world present their books. Leipzig will be completely taken over by literature.


Update, 14th of August, 2015: There have been two reviews on the book of Dr. Mükke recently, in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Deutschlandfunk. You find them below the following links:

Voss, Peter: Lustvoll, taktvoll, angstvoll., 06.07.2015

Pörzgen, Gemma: Lutz Mükke – Korrespondenten im Kalten Krieg, in: Andruck – Das Magazin für politische Literatur, 13.07.2015



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