Sebastian Feuß: At first Glance. How Media Content is perceived and received.

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ersten-blick_kleingerechnetNo, the Internet is not solely to blame for the supposedly great death of newspaper, as it is often evoked today. Newspapers have lost media range since for about a quarter of a century. What did change, however, with the emerge of the Internet and its routinization, is the type of access to information. And for the so-called Digital Natives – media users who no longer know times without internet – the access to newspaper information is today often too cumbersome or simply too boring. The question publishers should ask by now is: How should the newspaper of today be changed so that it becomes attractive for future generations? In essence, the answers to this question determine whether newspapers will survive the next few decades.

In his publication “At first Glance”, Sebastian Feuß explores the question what kind of changes are needed. Using a microanalytical instrument for measuring eye movements (eye tracking), Feuß examines the use and reception of both print as well as online resources of journalistic news media.

Feuß also focuses on the question: How do perception, cognitive information processing and exploration of the page (print or web) depend upon the presentation of information services. How should journalistic content be presented both visually and textually-content driven in order to be perceived and understood?

Sebastian Feuß provides on the one hand a systematic introduction to the cognitive science-based theories of perception and development of journalistic print and online media. On the other Feuß develops practice-oriented courses of action based on his eye movement measurements. To publishers the author delivers criteria on how to optimize the orientation efforts of their print and online services.

Sebastian Feuß
Auf den ersten Blick.
Wie Medieninhalte wahrgenommen und rezipiert werden.
2013, XX, 264 S. 40 Abb.
EUR(D) 29,99 (eBook), EUR(D) 39,99 (Softcover)
ISBN 978-3-658-01185-7



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