Soll der Journalismus Partei ergreifen?

15. February 2017

Xenophobia and the influx of refugees, Euro crisis and Brexit, populist heads of state and neo-nationalism – heated controversies have erupted in the democratic societies of the West. They have the potential to sow hatred and divide communities. What role does journalism play in all of this? Is journalism supposed to stand with the liberal-minded and take a clear stance? Or is its role rather to highlight and present the variety of standpoints? In other words: Should it divide – or should it integrate? Professor Haller’s research project examines journalism’s conveying in this age of conflict.

Integration durch Medien - Aufgabe oder Auslaufmodell

One result (among others) – in brief: In the last few years the media have tended to cover the issue of migration in a divisive way. Discourse, a prerequisite for integration, tended to be missed out.

Michael Haller sheds light on these and other research findings in his lecture at the international media ethics conference on 17 February 2017 in Munich.

More about the conference:

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