Syrian Journalists at the hangout of investigative journalists “Netzwerk Recherche”

30. November 2015
Stammtisch Netzewerk Recherche 29.10.2015

Stammtisch Netzewerk Recherche 29.10.2015

Dr. Lutz Mükke, director of the European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research (EIJC), interviewed the refugee journalists Tarek Khello and Ebraheem Alisa Algasam, who talked about threats journalists have to face in the warzone of Syria, their perception of news coverage on refugees and their future in Germany.

The meeting of the regional group of German investigative journalist’s network “Netzwerk Recherche” is organized by the European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research. Interested journalists in Leipzig and its surroundings meet regularly to share experiences and discuss new trends and topics. Subscription via:

Some impressions


Khello and Algasam are partcipants at the meetings for refugee journalists at EIJK: Journalist´s Meetings

Journalists from all over the world are invited who have found refuge as refugees in Germany. The International Journalist´s Meetings offers the opportunity to network, to integrate in a professional circle and to discuss perspectives. The meetings offer lectures and talks on journalistic work, ethics, media systems and media law. „It also offers the chance for networking with German Journalists. Interested people are very welcome!“, says EIJC Director Lutz Mükke. Please subscribe our e-mail list:

More information on upcoming events:

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